Code User Group Embed Buttons

This is an example page that uses Coder's "embed buttons" to access different images for the Coder User Group.

These would typically be included in a readme file for a repository to be able to quickly onboard new developers or allow team swithing quickly.

Before clicking the buttons

  1. Login to the sandbox using GitHub
  2. Link your GitHub Account

The oauth link asks for several permissions which are needed to clone and push to your repositories. This environment will be scrubbed after the session but you can and should remove the oauth application from you GitHub account.

Launch workspaces in sandbox

Ubuntu with Node

To start an Ubuntu workspace with VS Code in the browser and some NodeJS tools, use this button.

Data Science

To start a workspace which can be used for data science activities, use this. It includes Jupyter and Rstudio along with supporting libraries and tools.

To start the same data science image but pointed at an IMDB example, use this:

Variety pack

This workspace image includes a bunch of different applications that can be used via the web or a web-based VNC client.